Church Website: Getting It Ready For Easter


The Great Commission commands Christians to go into the world to proclaim the gospel. Often, this means befriending un-churched coworkers, talking and praying with family members, knocking on doors, giving tracts to those we meet, or explaining the good news to a passerby on the street. Twice each year, this pattern shifts. Instead of Christians inviting people to church, people come looking for a church to attend. When does this happen? You probably guessed it: Easter and Christmas.

The Facts

Christians (and churches) would be wise to focus some extra effort on these two times each year. When people come looking for a church, will your church be ready? The first exposure many people have to your church is your church website. You can see from the graph below that in 2014, searches for the word church increased about 40% during the weeks before Easter and Christmas. They evidently are searching online for a church to attend for Easter and Christmas.

Church Website Searches

This means a lot of people will be visiting your church website during these times. Will your website convert these online visitors to in-person church visitors? Keep reading to find out how to make the most of these searches so your church website will attract more people to your church.

Attracting More People with Your Church Website

If you want more people to attend your Easter and Christmas services (and I’m sure you do, don’t you?), follow these tips:

  1. Place your holiday service times prominently on your website’s home page. People want to know what time to arrive at your church. Place this in an easy to find spot on the home page. Also make sure to label these times as specifically being for your Easter or Christmas service. Don’t make them hunt for this information, or even worse, show up at the wrong time.
  2. List any special events that you are having. If you are having a sunrise service, special breakfast, concert, etc. list that with your service times to give your online visitors a special reason to choose your church for Easter Sunday.
  3. Make sure people can find your church. Give good directions, your address, or a link to a map so people know how to get to your church. Once you’ve impressed people with your high quality church website, you don’t want them to accidentally go to the wrong church!
  4. Make it mobile friendly. Many people use their phones to access the internet and searching for churches is no exception. We only have one month until Easter. Making your entire site mobile friendly that quickly is probably unrealistic, but you can definitely begin the process and try to get parts of your website mobile friendly. You can certainly continue the process so it is ready for Christmas and next Easter.

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