Helping Churches, Our Deepest Desire

What’s your Motivation?

What motivates you in life? If you’re a pastor, why do you preach, visit people, and do so many other things every week? If you just attend church, why do you attend church regularly? Why do you pray for your pastor? Why do you give to your church? Does it bring you some sort of personal pleasure or is there another reason, a reason that is bigger than you? Maybe you believe that helping churches is a way to do good in the world and ultimately to please God. If that is your motivation, we applaud you and stand beside you. The reasons you serve in your church are the very same reasons that Bloggo Media was founded. The mission of Bloggo Media is to help churches by educating and equipping them to be successful on the internet.

Pleasing God

Bloggo Media is a Christian-based business. This means we are different from other businesses in two ways:

  1. Our decisions are guided by the Bible. We follow Biblical principles of honesty, love, and service.
  2. Money is not the primary objective. We all need money so we can eat, but money is only a secondary objective. We would rather spend our time helping churches.

Ultimately, our business is motivated by our desire to please God in everything that we do.

The Bottom Line: Helping Churches

Here’s the bottom line: everything we do is to help churches and other Christian organizations. We believe in the transforming power of the message of the Bible. We know that churches are tasked with spreading the message of the Bible to the entire world. Our goal is to stand beside these churches to help them be even more effective in their online ministries. At Bloggo Media, helping churches isn’t just what we do. Instead, helping churches is our deepest desire that guides every decision that we make.


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